Storyboards, final idea

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These are my storyboards for my final idea. I wanted to use the traditional technique for this animation and add color when I had scanned the images into the computer. I decided I still wanted to use shapes to keep things simple but used symbolism so my shapes could represent a person, which would help when trying to represent an emotion.

Abstract storyboards

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These are my story board ideas for the abstract animation. I kept the ideas really basic as I wasn’t really clear on what abstract animation  was. I thought lots of shapes and colors to express the emotions I had chosen, but after looking up the definition of abstract and watching a few examples of other animations, I realized that I could do a lot more with it. Therefore I scraped these ideas.

Mini animation project.

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I picked out four random words from some cups which I was to make a short animation from. I picked out the words; nervous, mother, hiding, at a wedding. So I started looking into where she could be hiding at a wedding and how I could make her look nervous. I struggled to think of ideas to obviously show that she is a mother but I could not think of many ideas as a mother could look like anything. The only idea I had to clearly show she is a mother was to have her pregnant, but I still need to look into some more ideas and designs.

Character design 2

photo (3)


Looking into the 12 principles of animation I decided to try again at a design for a character. This time I decided to base the design on a simple outline of a human then turn it into a human-like creature. I kept the design simple by giving it no fingers or toes and no nose as I knew this would help. I also chose to design something that didn’t need clothes as I knew it would be a whole different challenge trying to animate the clothing as well as the characters movements.

Character design 1

photo (9)


We were asked to design a character that we could use to explore the 12 principles of animation with. This was my first design but I realized as soon as I had drawn it that I would be making things harder for myself if I was planning on animating this character as there is too much detail to it. So I decided to look into a much simpler design that wouldn’t be so hard to animate.