What is abstract animation?

Abstract definition:


Pronunciation: /ˈabstrakt/

  • 1existing in thought or as an idea but not having a physical or concrete existence:abstract concepts such as love or beauty
    • dealing with ideas rather than events:the novel was too abstract and esoteric to sustain much attention
    • not based on a particular instance; theoretical:we have been discussing the problem in a very abstract manner
    • (of a noun) denoting an idea, quality, or state rather than a concrete object.
  • 2relating to or denoting art that does not attempt to represent external reality, but rather seeks to achieve its effect using shapes, colours, and textures:abstract pictures

Taken from:  http://oxforddictionaries.com.

Abstract animations vary from other animations as they have no narrative. Various shapes, colours and sounds are combined to create an animation, which can provoke an emotion in its audience or symbolise a certain mood or feeling. Some of the animations created are of simple movements that synchronise with a piece of music or sound just for the purpose of entertainment. Some of the early pieces of abstract animations created where created by an image been etched or painted onto a blank piece of film. Sound could also be created by small marks been painted onto the sound area on the film. Norman McLaren was well known for using these techniques from as early as the 1930’s.


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