Storyboard research.

Why do we storyboard?

.To explain camera shots and settings.

.Used for animatic’s and to work ut timing.

.To show others how you visually see the video unfolding.

.To explain your story or idea.

.It can also show how you plan to go from shot to shot.

.To help yourself remember and have something to reference to when creating your video.

.To visualize your ideas before you choose one.

Your storyboard needs to be as clear as possible because if working in a team other members of the team need to understand the ideas you are trying to get across. Storyboards usually contain boxes with images and arrows to show movement and then a few lines for writing to explain the idea. Without storyboards it would make it really hard for people you are working with to create your idea how you visualize it, like reading a book with no pictures every individual will have a different idea of what the scene and characters look like even though they are been given the same description.  This saves time for all people working on the video. The more detailed the storyboard the better. The notes usually include and explanation of what is happening in the frame, how the camera is going to move/what kind of shot it is and maybe what part of the story it is and how the characters/ objects will move. The image box should have a clear image of what you will see in this shot lots of arrows and movement lines and can include color etc. Storyboards are almost like an extra detailed comic strip.


Storyboards can be used for:



.Game design ; how the level would map out, cut scenes, how you would go from menus to game screens etc.

.It can be used for none digital stuff too;

Here is an example of a animating static sculpture that would probably use storyboards in the creation of the model.

This was a German interactive advertising board I found when looking into interactive sculptures in the past, I thought it would be a good example of showing the variety of things storyboarding could be used for. As all the parts move/animate, the idea would probably of have had to been storyboarded because all the movement would have needed to have been explained to the person approving the idea and the person building the model. Without a story board the project would have taken longer, the team would have had a hard time creating the one idea as it had been originally visualized and there would have been more mistakes made while creating it.


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