Mini brief – boat, experiment

Here I wanted to experiment not only with using different materials but also how I could add character to the boat. (Also practice in drawing boats) I found an image of a small boat that I wanted to use as reference.


This was the image I found. I then used pencil and water color pencils to try and recreate this. It wasn’t exactly and exact replica but a loose experiment.

photo (19)


This was the first stage of the boat, I stopped to take this image so I could compare the finished result after I had added a few bits to try and make it look old/ abandoned.

photo (20)


I looked up some images of boat wrecks to get references for the color of the decay that grows after time and just by adding a few splodges of color here and there I think it creates much more of an interesting image, even though the differences are very small. I would like to try creating a much more exaggerated version of decay as I think this just looks slightly used.


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