Concept art using only the burn and dodge tools (Photoshop)

The task was to create a background/ landscape on Photoshop only using the burn and dodge tool. I started with a flat dark green base colour and then added loose strokes with the burn tool. I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted it to look like, but as my base colour was green I wanted something along the lines of a forest or jungle area. I decided that if it was just greenery then it would look bland and not interesting.

concept 1


I then darkened the lines more and added some light shades to the shapes to help them stand out. I also tried adding more huts and different sized trees to add depth, but I still don’t think this worked very well.

concept 3


Finally I extremely brightened the light bits and extremely darked the dark bits. I also wanted beams of light coming through the trees but I think I have made them too streaky. I need a lot more practice using these tools but all in all I think this is a good technique to use when knocking up quick design ideas to communicate to people. 

concept 5


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