Factional animation

The use of factual animation is becoming more and more popular, its used for documentaries, educational films and could also be used for recreating crime scenes or testing models and how things work and much more. One of the reasons people would prefer to use animation in such films as educational or documentaries is that there are no restrictions, for example if someone wanted to describe something we cannot see or do not have clear footage of, for example a distant planet or a tiny molecule or atom (as used in ‘Our Friend The Atom’ a suggested video to watch) they would recreate this with animation so the viewer could get a visual understanding of what the speaker is trying to describe. Animation has also been applied to factual soundtracks, something like an interview that was only sound recorded or a news report. People are more likely to be drawn in if something is visually stimulating as well as audibly, also adding visuals to something that did not have them before could change the viewers perspective altogether, images could suggest things that were not originally intended or help to explain something not so easy to understand.

I found a video in which a group of people who had made a documentary on space explained how and why they decided to use animation in their film, and how it was beneficial to them and the outcome.


They also describe how different animation styles can be used and how important detail can be to one situation and not to another, depending on if they are trying to explain something or help the audience experience something. This would be something to consider when choosing the preferred technique for animating to my chosen soundtrack.


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