Narrative Structure

What is narrative structure?

Narrative structure is organised facts, ideas and concepts organised in a coherent and emotionally engaging way to build a story.

Classical Narrative structure:


This is the part of the story that introduces the reader to the principle characters, their personalities and the environment that the characters inhabit. This part of the story does not necessarily have to be introduced at the beginning of the story although it is how the majority of stories start. Some stories may not want to reveal this information straight away and these type of stories are usually of mystery or detective genre. The technical term for stories that open with a mystery character are said to open with ‘Medias Res’.


This is the part of the story where conflict peaks and questions are solved usually just before the ending of the story. Usually this would be the defeating of the ‘bad guy’ and any unanswered questions that were raised throughout the story are answered, although not in all cases. Modern films and stories tend to leave more and more information missing at the end that may never be answered to keep the audience guessing.


This is the very ending of the film, where all the action has died down. Some stories especially horrors end with an ‘open ending’ leaving opportunity for a sequel. 



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