Same stories in different cultures.

I was looking for stories that have been told through different cultures over time, as most stories we know can be found in variations in different cultures, one of the stories I found was ‘Cinderella’. It is said that there are more that 500 variations of the story in Europe alone, and although it is not clear exactly where the story originates from, the earliest known versions are from a Chinese story from back in the ninth century ‘Yen-Shen’, but it seems that the majority of cultures have their own version of the story. 

Their is a contrast on how the character is perceived in our Cinderella from the 20th century to older versions. In the modern day Cinderella she is a helpless character waiting for help which she receives through some magic.The original character was more self-reliant, devoted to family and willing to make her own future. which I think personally reflects women though history rather than our modern day woman.

Most versions of the story keep certain aspects such as the dead mother helping Cinderella in some form of an animal, an event at a dance or church and the slipper or ring test, older versions use a gold slipper rather than glass. 

Cinderella was one of the first stories to appear in a detailed study of folktale by Marian Cox in 1892.


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