Some useful things along the way.

While researching into how to write fictional stories, and the idea generation, I thought to myself there has to be ‘an app for that’. So I checked on my phone to see what I could find, and not to my surprise there were loads! The apps range from aids to help you store your ideas and write and produce your novel, apps that would help generate ideas for stories by starting you with a random image, sentence or any similar triggers that would help the initial spark of writing a story. And one of my favourite ones I tried myself was a chain story, were someone would start you off with a snippet of a story, you got to see the last persons entry and the title plus genre of the story but nothing more. Each person is limited to 50 words per entry and in each entry you are given a random word that you have to fit into your addition to the chain. This was a really fun way to get some practice in to story writing, and also sparked ideas for new stories. The brilliant thing about is was that anyone around the world could participate no matter what their skill level. This is one example from a story I participated in:




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