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Flash animation, starting to animate.

This is a development from my factual animation storyboards. Just a quick peek at what I’ve done so far, its very raw still but hopefully I’ll get the full thing up soon.

Using Flash, but frame by frame traditional techniques.


Design against fur, Furry-tail

This is the first animation I ever did, unedited. A project for the ‘design against fur’ campaign. I got a book and added card to it to make it into a pop-up book and then animated it using stop motion. I used the fairy tale theme to draw the viewer in and give them something they can familiarize with, then I tried giving it a gruesome ending to shock the viewer and show the realities of fur farms. I imagine a teddy bear picnic theme tune that gets darker towards the ending.

Biography animation storyboard parts






Here are some of the storyboard clippings from an idea I had to animate my friends life story (biography) to a voice recording I did of him. I kept the character as simple and blank as possible because I felt that more people would be able to relate to his story if I didn’t give the character a distinctive identity. The use of color is used to represent fantasy and reality but also living fully and living a dull life.