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Adding color to line art.

Adding Colour to Line Art

We had to find a line art image that we could take into Photoshop to colour. I found this image of the well know character Roadrunner.



This was my final coloured image, what we did was start with a block colour that we covered the image with on a different layer. Then the layer was set to multiply so the lines from the line image would show through. With the colour layer selected, using the lasso tool I selected an area which I wanted to colour and then used hue saturation to change the colour. I then added a slight bit of shading using the burn and dodge tools. I think this is quite an efficient way to colour something but when the lines are curved it can sometimes be slightly difficult and will take time to get accurate coverage. As you can see in my image I have missed the line slightly and there are small gaps in the colouring.

roadrunner color