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Octopus Guide


Freehand sketch from sketchbook of octopus guiding key.


boat research.

Boat research

I wanted to have a go at drawing a few different boats to get the hang of drawing them. I looked up some images of boats from Google, and picked a couple that I liked the look of.

sailing boat


I had a go at drawing a quick image of this with a pen; I didn’t go into detail as I just wanted to get the basic shape down and I added a couple of my own things, just to show what it could be used for if it was been used.



I then found this little house boat, I thought the curves of the indoor part looked really visually interesting. I started sketching this boat but then decided I wanted to add parts to it to make it my own.



So I had a look at one of my favourite ships, the Chinese ships, and took my favourite assets of it and thought of a way I could incorporate this into my own design.



The main part of these ships that visually stand out to me are the sails. I think it’s because they are so different to most the simple sails we see on our ships.



This is my idea for my boat, I used the base style influenced by a simple rowing boat, the house part from the boat above, and then I added the sails from the Chinese ship onto the sides.

This is my rough sketch I used for my final boat image. I didn’t want to clutter the scene but I’m not sure if it maybe looks too empty. I wanted my finished image to be a line image so decided to draw straight over this rough sketch.





This is my final line image, I found that my lines are way too sketchy and on some parts I didn’t consider which lines where the top lines and which went underneath. For example if you look at the bars which attach the trailer to the truck the bottom lines which should be underneath show up on the top. If I was to try a line image again I think it would be better you use a program like Illustrator or Photoshop, because the lines themselves would be a lot neater and if I needed to alter any lines in the image I could use layers to have full control over that. The general perspective of the drawing is slightly off, but this is something that will improve with practice and time. As far as getting everything in the image that was mentioned in the brief, I think I have most things but I did not show any of the interior of the house through the doorway, and I maybe should of shown a bit more aging to some of the objects.

Creating images using the lasso tool (Photoshop)

Here we were given the task of creating an image by drawing a scribble on a block colour with the lasso tool changing the colour of the shape with the hue saturation settings. My scribble reminded me of some kind of sea creature, so I ran with that idea. I added more lines to show what I could see in the shape.


I carried on adding more and more shapes to experiment with the image. Although they are not perfect images, it is a great technique to use for idea generation.